Sofitel Frankfurt Opera ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Frankfurt, Germany

This venue was inspired by the iconic French Hôtels Particuliers, like a palace for hedonism in Goethe’s city. The passion for art is ubiquitous, selective, humorous and eclectic, which has become the hallmark of this hotel. The atmosphere is one of modern classicism, an impeccable balancing act between styles that creates an environment where one immediately feels at home in a private but lively space. Studio MHNA strove to create the hotel’s decor in a spirit of haute couture and create a genuine collection by going to undisclosed locations, art galleries and antique dealers. This hotel stands out from the others thanks to its charm, timeless qualities and intrepidity. The hotel is full of art works by prestigious artists such as Erwin Olaf, Travis Durden, André Duval and many others like the graffiti artist RBLZ.

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