The Studio

“Interior design is our passion. It is the art of joining aesthetics and functionality, technique and poetry, in order to create a place that is outstanding.”

Over the years, Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet, along with their team, have pursued a particular idea of elegance and a certain French style. From the very beginning, this Parisian studio for interior design and decoration has been imagining, conceiving, and developing projects with highly personalised creative atmospheres. And at the core of all these projects have been two notions: sophistication and luxury.

Five generations of cabinetmakers lead Marc Hertrich to the study of illustration and woodwork at the Strasbourg school of Decorative Arts. Later, after obtaining a diploma from the famous École Boulle in Paris, he joined the firm of renowned architect Michel Boyer, who put him to work on the Hôtel Richemond in Geneva. This would be his first contract: “a wonderful memory that would launch my career.” For five years, he worked there and explored the world of Palaces and Luxury. There, the young architect would discover a whole new meaning to the word ‘extraordinary’. The next few years would find him travelling to capital cities around the world, mainly for high jewellery projects.

After all his travels, he decided to settle down for a moment in Paris. And so he met Nicolas Adnet, a self-taught fashion fanatic who was working at the time for Lanvin. This would mark the melding of two incredible characters, two different personalities that shared the same desire to infuse everyday life with beauty. Nicolas worked in the spheres of high fashion, admired Montana, and the work of Yves St Laurent, “the absolute master and incarnation of elegance, respect and impertinence, colour and style.”

The two designers were quick to recognise a growing synergy between them. They started to put together large-scale hotel projects all around the world. Since then, they have personalised their creations using the culture, past, and traditions found locally at the site of each project, as well as the unequalled talent of artists and artisans, the true creative partners of the two designers.

From day one, the duo’s goal has been clear and constant: to adorn the functional with poetry and to create a “signature French style, adaptable and recognisable.”

The Studio MHNA is an international actor on the interior design scene, full of enthusiasm and endless production capabilities, and though some of their projects have remained purposefully confidential, others are hailed as the jewels of the global Hotel industry, as well as in other domains such as restaurants, life-style, and travel… all innovative creations that have built the studio’s reputation and success.

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