Equiphotel 2016

Paris, France

Invited by Corinne Ménégaux, director of Equiphotel, the Studio MHNA has created in 2016 the Bar, the VIP Lounge and the Resto des Chefs set up in the Studio 16 area. Three spaces followed on from one another to pay tribute to the rich Terroirs de France and his very refined Art de Vivre.

Behind his workshop glass window, an offbeat classic style "show bar" was unveiled. Then, a succession of private alcoves were inviting to comfortable breaks in the VIP lounge. The Resto des Chefs was an ode to the "à la française" gardens. From the forest drawn on high suspended curtains, appeared two majestic pieces of a giant chessboard: the Queen and the Cavalier. The open kitchen and the huge central side table brought to the spotlight the talent of great Chefs and the service trades, with the butlers coming from the biggest houses and the students of the Ferrandi school.

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