Five Seas Hotel ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Cannes, France

Opened in the spring of 2011, the Five Seas Hotel Cannes invites you to take a motionless journey. With its leather steamer trunks, contemporary lanterns, decorative items and painted & embroidered screens, the decoration revisits the luxury camping ambience of the early XIXth century expeditions. In this hotel, everything has been designed in order to invite the guest to invent his own journey …. At the Seasens restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel, this is chef Arnaud Tabarec who is officiating. He won his first Guide Michelin star in 2014. Finally, the hotel houses “Intuitions by J” which is the first patisserie of Jérôme de Oliveira, the youngest ever world champion pastry chef and which was entirely designed by the Studio.

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